Better Body, Balanced Life Foundations Course

BETTER BODY, BALANCED LIFE FOUNDATIONS COURSE is a 6-week intensive that creates and strengthens your Foundational Pillars so that you can finally experience permanent transformation in your body and your life.


[ 6 weeks to transformation ]

Why did we create this course?

Because so many of you resonate with one of our core philosophies:

“The way women are taught to lose weight was not designed for the modern working woman to be successful.”

Our core coaching philosophy is that women are not taught the formula for achieving their better body and balanced life.

Overwhelm and patching diet and exercise plans together are the most common reasons why that women feel frustrated and burned out in their pursuit of a better body and balanced life.

Most women do it backwards – and this is where having a strong and solid foundation is an integral part of your lasting success when it comes to weight-loss, eliminating overwhelm, and ultimately loving your life.

When your foundation is strong, it supports you from the ground up and can handle anything that you layer on top.

The Better Body, Balanced Life Foundations Course is a 6 week jumpstart to your life and wellness overhaul.

What does the Better Body Balanced Life Foundations Course Include?

  • Build your personal foundation for success so that you can prioritize your health goals and follow through for a successful and lasting weight-loss result.
  • Master the 5 Pillars of Foundation for Weight-Loss & Wellness and finally understand why your past efforts to release the weight have not been successful when you only build from the top down approach.
  • Dismantle your “to-do” list of a life + identify and ACT on your true priorities.
  • Stop feeling overwhelmed and start living your life on purpose, by your rules, and not by default.

The Better Body, Balanced Life Foundations Course is not for every woman just trying to lose weight. If you are just looking to repeat the cycle of getting another meal plan or workout program, this is not for you.

This program will change your body, mindset, and life if you:

  • Are a driven woman who is ready to transform her body from the inside out. You know that ultimate transformation doesn’t come from just a book or counting calories.
  • Are a goal-focused individual who has made the decision that you are ready for change.
  • Are busy, your calendar is packed with work and obligations and you are struggling to keep up.
  • Have tried countless diets or exercise plans to lose the weight. They always felt like they were adding one more thing to your plate. Some may have even worked, but they were unsustainable, left you feeling deprived, and ultimately left you feeling even worse after you gained the weight back – and you are tired of this frustrating cycle!​​​​​​​

The Better Body, Balanced Life Foundations Course includes

  • 6 week program
  • 1 Group 55-minute training call each week of the program where we cover the 5 Pillars of Foundation and how to tie them all together and implement.
  • Weekly workbook
  • Support & Motivation
  • Each call will be recorded and available for you to download in case you want to re-listen or if you cannot make the call live.

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