“Once I lose the weight, I will be more confident.”

“Once I lose the weight, I will look for a better job.”

“Once I lose the weight, I will start dating.”

“Once I lose the weight, I’ll buy great clothes.”

“Once I lose the weight, I’ll be pretty.”


Ever said any of these to yourself?


For some of us, this is a giant “duh” and you already know your body is holding you back.  Sure, you may not exercise as much as you used to or the jeans you bought last summer may not fit, but chances are you aren’t aware of the secret and insidious ways your body limits you.  What we’re talking about here is a glass ceiling you’re putting on yourself.


In fact, most of us think that all women hate their body, it’s no big deal, it’s just a fact of life. BUT, the truth is, it’s not just about wearing a size 18 (or size 8), it’s actually about the fact that when you don’t feel comfortable in your body you’re not speaking up, you’re not showing up, you’re not meeting new people, you’re not going outside of your comfort zone and you’re putting this false ceiling on your life.  You don’t realize it because, you’ve just been here for too long. (If you’re sick of being in the dark, great!  To find out where you’re body is holding you back, click here for a free assessment.)


You are threatening the life you should be living because you’re letting your body hold you back.  


It’s not just that you’re body prevents you from exercising or being a crossfit champ, realistically your body holds you back from all these other experiences that make up your life!


And here’s how – the way you feel about your body determines your confidence level. Notice I said the way you FEEL about your body, I did not say the shape or size of your body.  Women don’t feel good in their body, largely independent of whether they are a size 2 or a size 22- in fact 97% of women in America lack body confidence.

Let me be clear.  Only 3% of women in America aren’t disgusted by their bodies. In other words, 97% of us hate our bodies.


Want to find out if you’re one of them? Click here.

This makes sense, think of the last time you hung out with your girlfriends.  You probably heard things like:

“Oh I’m so bloated”

“I wish I had your legs”

“No bread for me, my pants are too tight”

“This dress makes my butt look huge”


Body shame has become the norm, and that’s a very scary thing.  It’s particularly frightening when we realize that this way of thinking prevents us from living a life where we utilize our full potential, a life where we’re happy.  You may be used to it by now, but letting your body hold you back is killing your confidence and preventing you from:

      confidently asking for that raise

      deep physical connection with your partner

      enjoying that once-in-a-lifetime vacation


Body shame is ultimately preventing you from doing what you want to do!  Take this quiz to find where your body is stopping you.


Think of a woman (or girl) in your life who you adore.


How would you react if someone told her she couldn’t really go for what she wants because of the way she looks?  She can’t get that raise because she doesn’t look the part?  She’s not pretty enough to fall in love? She’s not skinny enough to really be happy?


Wouldn’t that be infuriating?! I want you to wake up, because letting your body hold you back is a choice.

Yet, you’re doing this to yourself.  And worse…you’re actively choosing to do it.


How many times have you thought of doing something and immediately shut it down – the familiar phrase “I can’t do that” comes to mind.  It may be so common that you don’t even realize you’re doing it, or you’re so used to holding yourself back that you don’t even realize your behavior is connected to how you feel in your body.


It’s time to love yourself like your life depends on it, because, well it does!  

  • Your quality of life directly connects to your ability to love your body.  


  • Your position in the workplace directly reflects your relationship to your body.


  • Your connection with your partner shows you how connected you are to your body.


  • Your confidence depends on how you love your body!


So what’s it gonna take? What are you waiting for? You are missing out on your greatest memories because of the way you let your body hold you back. It’s time to get started on a body love journey. The first step is to get crystal clear on where you stand right now and where you are holding yourself back.


This is why I created a FREE quiz designed to help you get really clear on where your body holds you back and most importantly where to start changing things.


So let’s get clear and see your starting point. Take that first step in your body love journey and get back to living a life you were meant to live!