Enlitened Body Group Program

THE ENLITENED BODY GROUP PROGRAM is a 6-month body and lifestyle transformation program which bridges the gap between, self-love, body brilliance, and ultimately whole-life success.


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  • Permanently release the weight that has seemed like an insurmountable obstacle for the last several years (or decades)
  • Dismantle your “to-do” list of a life + identify and ACT on your true priorities
  • Stop feeling overwhelmed and start living your life on purpose, by your rules, and not by default.
  • Stop placing priority on everything BUT your body and suffering the consequent dip in self-worth.
  • Learn to love, appreciate, and finally be fascinated with your body rather than feeling frustrated & constantly feeling let down by its unwillingness to change.
  • Look amazing , feel confident, and still have time leftover to create a life that energizes you rather than living the one that constantly depletes your last energy reserve.
  • Learn to fall into your BodyLife Equilibrium – Find the rhythm that works for YOU in your current state of life + learn to let go of what has and hasn’t worked in the past for your body or your life status at that time.

The Enlitened Body Group Program is for a very specific type of woman who is excited to make this transformation. This program will change your body and your life if you:

  • Are a professional, driven, woman who is ready to transform her body from the inside out. This is where body love and balanced living partner to help you create the life that you want to live in the shape you were meant to embody.
  • Are a goal-focused individual who has been and is successful and is at the top of her professional game.
  • Are busy, your calendar is packed with work and obligations and you are struggling to keep up.
  • Have tried countless diets or exercise plans to lose the weight. They always felt like they were adding one more thing to your plate. Some may have even worked, but they were unsustainable, left you feeling deprived, and ultimately left you feeling even worse after you gained the weight back.​​​​​​​

In order for every single woman to obtain the most attention and the biggest impact from this community, we keep this group intimately small. We also want to make sure that every woman is a great fit for the group. In order for this experience to truly be life and body altering, there must be the right group dynamic.

For this reason, we invite you to apply. We will speak with each candidate to ensure that it’s a great fit for all involved.