I swear it’s simple

Turn Up the Love

Turn it up, turn it up

I swear it’s simple

Turn Up the Love


I’m singing to myself and then it dawned on me – these lyrics are about our bodies!  Ok well maybe not exactly – Aluna George may not have written these lyrics to all the women who are bummed out with their bodies, but they are 100% applicable! We need to turn up the love, the body love!


When you’re trying to lose weight or diet or just “be healthier” chances are the process you are using needs a lot more self-discipline LOVE!


Be softer on yourself and actually succeed – how novel! Believe me, I know how counterintuitive this sounds and I am a skeptic myself, so I encourage you to bring your own skepticism to this idea…but it’s true.  And if giving yourself a hard time worked better, I’m guessing you wouldn’t be reading this right now…


It’s easy to call yourself all kinds of mean, nasty names, to beat yourself up for letting yourself go, letting yourself get “this big” or “this fat.”  But LOVE (and the forgiveness + self-compassion that goes along with that) is the missing ingredient in the process you’ve been trying. And LOVE has the power to turn mistakes into learning experiences and failures into new possibilities.


Struggle Less = Succeed More


A lot of us find ourselves in this struggle-  one of my clients was stuck and just yesterday she said to me, “You know I really just have to get my butt in gear.  I have to just buckle down and eat better and I should be working after I get home from work to get caught up.” You know how she feels – think about when you’ve told yourself for the 10thtime that day that you really should start losing weight today and see what happens to your mood.  You’re in struggle mode!


I’m going to tell you what I told her: you’re missing LOVE and a strong element of self-compassion (which is the recipe for all manners of personal change).


If you want to succeed with personal change (aka losing weight, eating better, “being” healthier) you have got to turn up the LOVE and understanding and leave behind beating yourself up with harsh criticism!


Turning up the LOVE is simple, and it has immediate impacts. Want to try it for yourself? I’m going to share an easy, 5-minute tool on Thursday’s (tomorrow) Facebook Lunchbreak Live at 1pm EST that will make a measurable difference to your mood, outlook, emotional eating and ability to lose weight!


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