I have really changed my attitude towards many aspects of my life.

I focus less on what I look like in the mirror and more on health and gratitude for the fact that my body works hard every day for me even though I haven't been so kind to it in the past!

I am now taking the time to add things into my life that I felt I either didn't have time for or was guilty taking the time for. These activities recharge me and make me a calmer and happier person. I have found that taking the time to step away and decompress makes it easier to keep going and that keeps the stress in check.

I really believe I would still be stuck trying and failing at moving forward to the life I am now navigating. Sometimes you are just not able to do it alone. The help and support of Shannon has not only kept me motivated but has taught me things that I not only didn't know, but things I didn't want to address. To have someone really, truly care about my situation has been a humbling experience. I feel safe in her capable hands, and will always be grateful for the difference she is making in my journey towards being the person I am capable being—and the life I am capable of leading.”


I am amazed by my personal growth after working with Meg and Shannon. My health and overall wellness have improved, I no longer struggle with emotional eating, and I now have peace, increased boundaries and best of all, self-confidence. The accountability to myself with Meg and Shannon's gentle guidance made all the difference, in addition to the love, support, and patience they offer.

Having a "workaholic" mindset, I was keeping too busy to really look at ME. I was always beating myself up, no matter what I did…binging, feeling depressed over what I ate, and the diet yo-yo of gaining and losing the same 50-60 lbs. six or seven times over (that's over 300 pounds!!). Now that Meg and Shannon are in my life, I am motivated to be the best "me" with eating choices.

The Investment is worth it. In one year, I finally feel comfortable being me. Now I am able to stand in my Truth and appreciate myself as I am. It is a great gift. THANK YOU, MEG AND SHANNON!!”


Working with Shannon and Meg is so inspiring. They are passionate about the work and really are experts in their field. They set a great example and tone for our group. My accountability partner is another major player in my success. We live on opposite coasts and have very different lives yet we inspire, support and motivate each other!

Since working with Shannon and Meg I feel stronger and healthier, with an increase in my energy, well-being and productivity. I’m happier and so is my family. I’ve accepted that I am getting older and the things that used to work may not be wise choices for me now. I am learning to make new exercise choices and that a little can go a long way. Best of all, I am truly enjoying the process.

I’ve always been fairly confident but now feel much more comfortable protecting MY time and setting boundaries with others. I am making more time for self care and relaxation. It’s encouraging and exciting! I’m learning that it is so much better to build upon incremental changes than a drastic food reduction or over exercising. This really feels sustainable.

Without Shannon and Meg I think I would still be exhausted, depressed, over working and over committed….and likely on my way to an illness. I thought it might be too late to turn things around, but it isn’t! Thank you, Shannon and Meg!!”