Premier Private Coaching

PREMIER PRIVATE COACHING is our signature offering that is appropriate for the high-achieving woman that has very specific goals or circumstances and wants to take action on the most direct path to move her from where she currently is to where she wants to be in her body and her life.


[ our signature program for a fully Enlitened Life ]

  • 12 months
  • 3 Private 45 Minute Coaching Calls (phone or Skype) every month
  • 60-Minute Master Strategy Session
  • VIP Access to Virtual Events
  • Email support between sessions (so you are always moving forward with a plan and motivation. On-call access to 2 coaches ensures you’re never derailed for an extended period of time and fast-tracks your transformation success.)

We only have capacity to work with a select number of women on a private basis. Limiting our number of private clients ensures that we provide the most individualized focus, strategy, and energy on these women.

When we work with you privately, your goals become our goals – and together we MEET our goals.

Premier Private Coaching is a serious investment for those women that are truly ready achieve their body and life transformation.