Here’s a post I had to share:

“I can make a weight-loss program work, if I just quit my job and dedicate my time to it!”


There’s this belief running rampant among professional women, that your work schedule doesn’t leave enough time to take care of yourself, eat right and exercise, and that WORK is preventing you from losing weight.  


So you think you have to choose, I can either:


a) Stay late at the office until I get all my work done




b) leave on time and make it to that exercise class (and risk NOT getting the work done, getting a bad performance review, jeopardizing my job, etc…)


It’s obvious which one you choose when you put it like that. And I get it, staying late at work can be so seductive! It’s easy to think you’re going to get so much done, BUT that does come at a serious cost:


When you exceed your capacity to be productive, you’re left chronically stressed with extra weight dragging you down.  


And let’s be honest, you feel flat-out exhausted after work and there’s no mental or physical space left to do much more than pop a bottle of wine and watch netflix.  Some of us, myself circa 2011 included, think we’re a victim of our schedules and just too busy to lose weight- who has the time to do an hour pilates class, or 45 minutes in the kitchen to prep dinner after a full workday.  


If this sounds like you, I have good news!


Here’s the truth, losing weight and being in a healthy body (that you love) actually takes less time because it makes you more efficient at work!


Yes, I said it – being successful at work AND living in a healthy body you love ARE NOT MUTUALLY EXCLUSIVE!  It’s not this “either / or” situation we’ve been led to believe. And now you’re saying, but Shannon I’m so busy you must not understand. Well, “busy” is in the eye of the beholder. It’s a choice to put everyone else first, not speak up, and stay in overwhelm. If you’re a time victim, this is a choice.




And there is a specific method to doing this successfully (so you can keep up with the demands of work).  It involves adjusting your schedule to fit your priorities, protecting your time in and out of work and choosing to live your life with intention. There’s a way to make it as frictionless as possible to invest your time in what you want to do (then you’re much more likely to do it).


And I get it, I can FEEL your skepticism here- like Shannon obviously if I had control over my time I wouldn’t be spending 60 hours at work each week, but I have a boss and clients and team members that I’m responsible to…but I assure you it’s not only possible, it’s essential if you’re a professional woman who wants to lose weight.


There are a very specific set of steps to do this, and I created an entire Masterclass designed for Professional Women so I can show you how.  If you’re curious to learn how, you can join me for FREE and reserve your spot here.


For right now, the first step is to simply open your mind up to the possibility that you have more control over your time than you are currently exercising.  Start here and I’ll see you on the training!